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MS Excel has several easy to use and important formulas. Get to know and practice them to make your work easier and more professional. 

In this series of short videos, you will learn the 10 basic functions of Excel. By mastering these functions you will be able to use Spreadsheets to work with and analyze data quickly and professionally. 

You will learn

  1. How to add Numbers
  2. Save time by filling cells automatically
  3. Split Data stuffed into one column
  4. Rotate data in rows and columns
  5.  Sort and filter data
  6. Use tables for convenience
  7. Insert drop-down lists
  8. Analyze data quickly
  9. Use Charts
  10. Summarize data with PivotTables

The work environment has a set of written and unwritten rules that you need to be familiar with and practice if you are going to have a successful career and act with the correct professional behaviour with your co-workers and clients.

Organisational development is the discipline that applies behavioural science techniques to management problems, as the essential task of business is to deal with CHANGE (the only constant in life...)

negotiation is a strategic discussion that resolves an issue in a way that both parties find acceptable. ... By negotiating, all involved parties try to avoid arguing but agree to reach some form of compromise. Negotiations involve some give and take, which means one party will always come out on top of the negotiation.


The purpose of discipline in the workplace is among others to ensure that all employees are treated equally and to put codes of conduct into place so that employees know what is expected of them. A disciplined work environment facilitates management as well as employees being on their best behaviour

Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

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